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    1. Strengthening Zynga’s Position in Mobile Advertising

    The acquisition of Chartboost is a strategic move by Zynga to strengthen its position in the mobile advertising space. With the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, advertising has become a crucial revenue stream for game developers. By integrating Chartboost’s advanced advertising and monetization platform into its ecosystem, Zynga can enhance its ability to generate revenue from its vast portfolio of games.

    Chartboost’s extensive network of over 700 million monthly active users across more than 300,000 mobile apps provides Zynga with a significant advantage. This vast reach allows Zynga to tap into a broader audience and attract new users to its games. Additionally, Chartboost’s sophisticated targeting capabilities enable Zynga to deliver personalized advertisements to users, maximizing engagement and monetization opportunities.

    2. Unlocking New Monetization Opportunities

    The acquisition of Chartboost unlocks new monetization opportunities for Zynga. By leveraging Chartboost’s technology, Zynga can optimize its in-game advertising strategies and drive higher user engagement. The integration of Chartboost’s rewarded video ads, interstitials, and other formats within Zynga’s games can provide players with a seamless and non-intrusive advertising experience, leading to increased user retention and monetization.

    Furthermore, Chartboost’s robust ad mediation platform allows Zynga to access a wide range of demand sources, including direct advertisers and programmatic networks. This diversification of ad sources can help Zynga maximize its ad revenue by ensuring higher fill rates and competitive eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions). With Chartboost’s mediation capabilities, Zynga can effectively manage and optimize its ad inventory, resulting in improved monetization across its game portfolio.

    drive targeted installs and boost player engagement.

    Chartboost’s advanced targeting algorithms and data-driven insights enable Zynga to identify and acquire high-quality users who are more likely to engage with its games. By leveraging Chartboost’s extensive network of app developers, Zynga can access valuable user acquisition channels and expand its reach to new audiences. This increased visibility can lead to a higher number of installs, ultimately driving user growth and revenue for Zynga.

    4. Synergies and Integration Challenges

    While the acquisition of Chartboost presents numerous opportunities for Zynga, it also comes with integration challenges and potential synergies. Integrating two distinct companies with different cultures, technologies, and processes requires careful planning and execution.

    To ensure a smooth integration, Zynga needs to focus on aligning the teams and leveraging the strengths of both companies. By combining Zynga’s expertise in game development with Chartboost’s advertising technology, Zynga can create innovative and engaging experiences for its users. Additionally, Zynga should prioritize knowledge sharing and collaboration between the teams to foster a culture of innovation and drive synergistic growth.


    Zynga’s acquisition of Chartboost for $250 million is a strategic move that aims to boost Zynga’s mobile advertising capabilities and solidify its position in the mobile gaming industry. By leveraging Chartboost’s extensive network, advanced technology, and monetization platform, Zynga can strengthen its user acquisition efforts, unlock new monetization opportunities, and enhance player engagement. However, successful integration and synergy between the two companies will be crucial for Zynga to fully realize the potential benefits of this acquisition. With this strategic move, Zynga is well-positioned to drive growth and profitability in the highly competitive mobile gaming market.

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