ipad 2 mini dimensions

    The iPad 2 Mini, released by Apple in 2013, was a highly anticipated addition to the iPad lineup. With its compact size and powerful features, it quickly became a popular choice among consumers. One of the key factors that contributed to its success was its dimensions. In this article, we will delve into the iPad 2 Mini dimensions, exploring its size, weight, and how it compares to other iPad models.

    Size and Weight:

    The iPad 2 Mini measures 7.87 inches (200 mm) in height, 5.3 inches (134.7 mm) in width, and has a thickness of just 0.28 inches (7.2 mm). These dimensions make it incredibly portable and easy to handle, allowing users to comfortably hold it with one hand. Additionally, it weighs only 0.68 pounds (308 grams), making it one of the lightest tablets on the market at the time of its release.

    Compared to its predecessor, the iPad Mini, the iPad 2 Mini is slightly thinner and lighter. The original iPad Mini measured 7.87 inches (200 mm) in height, 5.3 inches (134.7 mm) in width, and had a thickness of 0.28 inches (7.2 mm). However, the weight of the iPad Mini was slightly heavier at 0.69 pounds (312 grams). While the differences may seem negligible, they contribute to an overall improved user experience, especially for those who value portability.

    Screen Size:

    The iPad 2 Mini features a 7.9-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, providing users with crisp and vibrant visuals. Despite its compact size, the display offers excellent clarity and detail, making it ideal for various tasks such as reading, browsing the web, or watching videos. The smaller screen size compared to the standard iPad models does not compromise the quality of the viewing experience.

    Comparison to Other iPad Models:

    When comparing the iPad 2 Mini to other iPad models, it is important to note that it falls between the standard iPad and the iPad Pro in terms of size. The standard iPad measures 9.7 inches (246.4 mm) in height, 6.6 inches (169.5 mm) in width, and has a thickness of 0.29 inches (7.5 mm). On the other hand, the iPad Pro comes in two sizes: 11 inches (280.6 mm) and 12.9 inches (328.8 mm) in height, both with a width of 8.46 inches (214.9 mm) and a thickness of 0.23 inches (5.9 mm).

    The iPad 2 Mini’s smaller dimensions make it more portable and easier to carry around compared to the standard iPad and the larger iPad Pro models. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are constantly on the go or prefer a more compact device for everyday use.


    The iPad 2 Mini’s dimensions played a significant role in its popularity and success. Its compact size and lightweight design made it highly portable, allowing users to comfortably hold it with one hand. The 7.9-inch Retina display provided excellent visual quality, despite its smaller size compared to other iPad models. Whether you are a frequent traveler, a student, or simply someone who values convenience, the iPad 2 Mini’s dimensions make it an excellent choice for those seeking a smaller tablet without compromising on performance or functionality.

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