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    Softball is not just a sport; it’s a chance to let loose, have fun, and build camaraderie. One way to inject some extra laughter into the game is by choosing a funny team name that will have both your teammates and opponents chuckling. In this article, we’ll explore the top 20 hilarious softball team names that are sure to hit a homerun in humor.

    1. The Designated Drinkers:

    Kicking off our list is a team that’s not afraid to mix a little humor with their beverages. The Designated Drinkers are all about having a good time on and off the field, making them a team that’s hard to forget.

    1. Sons of Pitches:

    For a team that loves wordplay, Sons of Pitches is a clever and punny choice. This name combines a play on words with a nod to those infamous curveballs and sliders that keep everyone on their toes.

    1. Ball Busters:

    With a name like Ball Busters, this team means business – when it comes to cracking jokes, that is. This playful and slightly edgy name is perfect for a team with a sharp sense of humor.

    1. Diamond Divas:

    For a team that knows they’re a cut above the rest, Diamond Divas is a sassy and fun choice. It adds a touch of glamour to the softball field, proving that style and substance can go hand in hand.

    1. Bat Attitudes:

    If your team has a knack for bringing some attitude to the game, Bat Attitudes is the name for you. It’s a clever play on words that lets opponents know they’re in for a fierce but entertaining matchup.

    1. Hit for Brains:

    This team name combines the love for hitting softballs with a touch of zombie humor. Hit for Brains is a playful choice that shows your team doesn’t take themselves too seriously but is dead serious about having a good time.

    1. Not Fast, Just Furious:

    A spin on the popular movie franchise, this team name is perfect for a group that enjoys a leisurely pace but can bring the heat when needed. Not Fast, Just Furious promises a good time and a few laughs along the way.

    1. Where My Pitches At?:

    This team name not only pays homage to the iconic line “Where my pitches at?” but also adds a humorous twist to the game. It’s a catchy and funny choice that will have spectators cheering for more.

    1. Base Desires:

    For a team with aspirations beyond the softball diamond, Base Desires is a cheeky and witty choice. It adds a touch of romance to the game, proving that love for the sport knows no bounds.

    1. Sons of Softball:

    A play on the popular TV series “Sons of Anarchy,” this team name is perfect for a group that likes to bring a rebellious spirit to the field. Sons of Softball promises a wild ride and plenty of laughs.

    1. Glove Actually:

    A clever play on the romantic comedy “Love Actually,” this team name adds a touch of humor to the game. Glove Actually is a witty choice that showcases the team’s love for both softball and a good laugh.

    1. Dirt Eaters:

    For a team that’s not afraid to get a little dirty, Dirt Eaters is a playful and unconventional choice. It’s a name that embodies the grit and determination of a team that’s willing to dive headfirst into the game – quite literally.

    1. Caught Looking:

    This team name is a subtle jab at opponents who find themselves mesmerized by the team’s skills. Caught Looking adds a touch of mystery and amusement to the game, making it a memorable choice.

    1. No Glove, No Love:

    For a team that knows the importance of proper equipment, No Glove, No Love is a humorous take on the classic saying. It’s a catchy and lighthearted choice that emphasizes the team’s dedication to the game.

    1. Bat Intentions:

    A playful twist on the phrase “bad intentions,” this team name adds a touch of mischief to the softball field. Bat Intentions promises a combination of skill and humor that will keep both teammates and opponents on their toes.

    1. Scared Hitless:

    This team name cleverly combines the fear of being hit by a softball with a play on the word “hitless.” Scared Hitless is a witty choice that adds a touch of suspense to the game and guarantees a few laughs.

    1. Sons of Pitches and Catchers:

    A variation on the classic “Sons of Pitches,” this team name brings catchers into the mix. Sons of Pitches and Catchers is a clever and inclusive choice that showcases the team’s appreciation for all positions on the field.

    1. Swing and a Miss Fits:

    For a team that embraces their quirks and individuality, Swing and a Miss Fits is a perfect choice. It’s a humorous play on the common baseball phrase and adds a touch of personality to the game.

    1. Grass Stains and Glory:

    This team name celebrates the less glamorous side of the game – the grass stains – while also acknowledging the glory that comes with playing softball. Grass Stains and Glory is a humorous and down-to-earth choice for a team that values both the wins and the wipeouts.

    1. Three Up, Three Down Syndrome:

    Rounding off our list is a team name that adds a humorous spin to the inning-ending scenario of three up, three down. Three Up, Three Down Syndrome is a clever and quirky choice that showcases the team’s ability to find humor in every aspect of the game.


    Softball is more than just a game; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and share plenty of laughs with teammates. Choosing a funny team name adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience, making each match not only competitive but also entertaining. Whether you opt for wordplay, puns, or clever references, the right team name can set the tone for a season filled with camaraderie and hilarity. So, gear up, hit the field, and let the laughter ensue as your team swings for the fences with one of these hilarious softball team names.

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